How to Install FullVPN
on iPhone or iPad

This tutorial will teach you how to install and use FullVPN on your iPhone or iPad devices.

1. Downloading and installing

Go to the App Store and search for FullVPN. Tap the Download button.

fullvpn setup iphone ipad

2. Setting up and using the app

Tap the FullVPN app icon to launch it.

fullvpn app iphone ipad tap to launch

3. Accepting data usage regulations

You will see a statement detailing the information collected by the FullVPN app. Tap Accept to proceed.

statement fullvpn ios app information collected

4. Entering settings

On the main screen, tap the gear icon to open the settings.

fullvpn iphone ipad settings

5. Signing up

Tap the button to Create a new account or Sign in if you already have one.

fullvpn app ios settings

6. Entering details

Enter your email address to get started

fullvpn ios login screen

7. Signing in

Enter your password and tap Continue to Sign in to your account.

fullvpn ios sign in

8. Account details

After you Sign in, the Settings page will open where you can view your Subscription
time and other important features. Tap the X to close it.

fullvpn ios settings screen

9. Connecting to a server

To connect to a VPN server location, tap the Connect button.

fullvpn ios main screen

10. Choosing a server

Choose a VPN server from the list to connect. In this example we use a special server for Movies & TV.

fullvpn ios servers screen

11. Allowing configurations

The app will notify you: ‘ “FullVPN” Would Like to Add VPN Configurations.’ Tap Allow.

fullvpn ios add vpn configurations

12. Use your passcode

Use your Touch ID or enter your passcode to add the VPN configurations.

fullvpn add vpn configurations confirmation

13. You are connected

Once you see the Connected message on the app screen you can begin
browsing the Internet with freedom and security!

fullvpn ios connected screen