How to install FullVPN app on macOS

This tutorial will teach you how to install and use FullVPN on your macOS devices.

1. Downloading from App store

1. Go to the FullVPN app page in the App Store:

Or click the download button on our downloads page.

fullvpn macos setup downloads page

2. App Store

Click on the View in Mac App Store.

fullvpn setup macos app store

3. Downloading the app

When the App Store launches, click on the blue Get / Download button.

fullvpn setup macos app store download

4. Opening the app

Once the download is finished, press on the Install App / Open button.

fullvpn setup macos app store install

Setting up and using the application

1. Opening the app

Open your Launchpad and double-click on the FullVPN icon.

fullvpn macos launchpad

2. Entering settings

Click on the Gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

fullvpn macos main screen

3. Signing up

Click on the blue button to Sign in or create new account.

fullvpn macos settings page

4. Entering e-mail

Enter your e-mail address to get started.

fullvpn macos login page

5. Signing in or creating an account

If you already have an account with FullVPN, enter your password and click Continue to Sign in.
If you are a new user, choose a password, and click Create account.

fullvpn macos sign in
fullvpn macos create account

6. Selecting a server and connecting

After you successfully logged in, Select a VPN server location from the list and click on it to Connect.
Once the app says “Connected,” you can begin surfing with freedom and security!

fullvpn macos main screen choose server
fullvpn macos choose a server
fullvpn macos connected