How to Install FullVPN
on Android

This tutorial will teach you how to install and use FullVPN on Android.

1. Downloading and Installing

First, download and install the FullVPN app on your Android device.

Open Play Store, Enter FullVPN in the search bar and select the FullVPN app. Tap Install.

Google play store FullVPN download and install

2. Setting up and using the app

Once you’ve installed the application, tap to open it.

Fullvpn icon android

3. Entering settings

In the main menu tap on the gear icon in the top right corner to open Settings.

Fullvpn android tap on gear icon

4. Signing in

Tap on the blue button to Sign in or Create new account.

fullvpn androidentry

5. Entering e-mail

Enter your account email and tap on Continue to get started.

fullvpn androidentry 2

6. Entering password

Enter your account password.

enter password fullvpn android app

7. Closing settings

Tap on X to close the Settings popup.

fullvpn android settings

8. Choosing a server

On the main screen tap Select Server to open the VPN servers list, then tap on a preferred VPN server to connect.

Fullvpn android select server list

9. Allow connection request

You may see one or more default Android warning messages about VPN connections.
These are shown for all VPN apps. Press OK to proceed.

Fullvpn android connection request

10. You are connected

Now you are connected and you can start using the internet with added privacy and security.
If you wish to disconnect from the VPN server, tap on the Green STOP button.

Fullvpn android connected