How to Install FullVPN
on Windows

The FullVPN native application is the recommended option for connecting to FullVPN servers on your Windows PC. We designed it with your experience in mind, giving easy access to features such as automated Kill Switch. The application uses OpenVPN, one of the best VPN protocols out there, by default.

This tutorial explains how to download and install the FullVPN app on your Windows PC, log in, and connect to our servers.

1. Go to our website

Go to the FullVPN Apps page: and click Download Now

FullVPN Windows Download Page

2. Open the file

Go to your Downloads folder and double-click the FullVPNSetup.exe file.

FullVPN Windows Setup 2

3. Agree if asked

A pop-up window may ask you if you allow the app to make changes to your device. Click Yes and proceed to setup.

4. Start installing

The installer window will open. Click Next.

FullVPN Installer window

5. Choose options

Tick the box if you want shortcuts for the FullVPN app on your Desktop then click Install.

FullVPN Windows Setup 6

6. Finish the installation

The installer will proceed with the installation process. Once it’s complete, you will be asked if you want to launch FullVPN right away. Click Finish to complete the setup.

FullVPN Windows Setup 8

7. Setting Up and Using FullVPN

FullVPN is very easy to use on Windows 7 and newer operating systems. Follow these
simple steps to set up the software and connect to a VPN server.

8. Entering e-mail

Click on the FullVPN icon on your desktop. Wait for the app to load,
then enter your Email and click Continue to get started.

fullvpn windows login screen

9. Entering password

On the next window enter your password and click Login.

fullvpn windows enter password

10. Choosing a server

On the Main screen click the dropdown to open the servers list.

fullvpn windows server tab

11. Connecting to the server

Choose a VPN server you prefer and click on it to connect. If you want to add the
server to your Favorite list, click on the star on the right side.

fullvpn windows choose a server

Once connected to a server the button will turn Green, and you can
start browsing the internet privately.